Automate approvals and data gathering with
Google Forms and Spreadsheets

Form Workflow
Validation processes made easy

Most popular use cases
  • Vacation request/Leave approval
  • Shared resources request
  • Purchase approval
  • Sales discount approval
  • Job board
  • Payment request
  • Referral form
  • Transportation request
  • Billing form
  • Booking form
$0/ month
Freemium limited to 50 requests
Unlimited with in-App Purchase: $6/month
Contact us for GSuite domain wide subscription & deployment.

What is the difference between Freemium and Pro ?
How many workflows can I set up ?
How many requests are allowed per workflow ?
How many licenses do I need to buy ?
Do I need licences for requesters or reviewers ?
What payment method do you accept ?
Can I pay monthly ?
How secure is my data ?
What if I have other questions ?